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No Greater Sacrifice, No Greater Love

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Fernie with her favorite of the many musical
instruments she played. After hearing some
chamber music in Liverpool, England, Norval
wrote to his sons: "It ... made me think of your
mother and how she plays" (August 10, 1943)

Norval relaxing the summer after his graduation
from medical college, 1937. This photograph
stood on a table in the living room.

Norval, in the middle with pipe, arm sling, and head
bandage, hamming it up with classmates at the Medical
College of Virginia, 1935.

Tom and Walter Ford with their grandparents,
Sapho and Eustace Carter, Easter 1942.

Norval and Fernie with friends at Nags Head,
North Carolina, six months before Pearl Harbor.

Norval at Camp Pickett, Virginia,
October 1942.

Cherished images of home life during Norval's
leaves from basic training, fall 1942.


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