Photo Album (3)

No Greater Sacrifice, No Greater Love

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Tom and Walter Ford beside Norval's yellow
Chevy convertible, considered practically a
member of the family, spring 1943.

A newly promoted Captain Carter at Stockton
Heath, Chesire, one of the 110th Station
Hospital's locations, July 1943.

Norval observing the Twenty-ninth Division's
assault exercises at Land's End, January 1944.

Norval with members of the Twenty-ninth Division,
to which he soon transferred, Land's End,

Norval digging a foxhole during training exercise
on Bodmin Moor, May 1944. This is one of the
last known photographs of him.

Tom and Walter Ford sending greetings to
their dad, Christmas 1943, and prompting
Norval's query: "Why did they salute with
their left hands?"

The photograph of his father that Walter Ford carried
in his pocket in sixth grade.

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