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No Greater Sacrifice, No Greater Love

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Odette Pagny

Odette Pagnys family's chateau, where Norval and the Twenty-ninth Division set up an evacuation hospital.

Frank Wawrynovic after completion of special training with the Twenty-ninth Division Provisional Ranger Battalion, England 1943. Frank was the wounded soldier Norval Carter was trying to rescue when he was killed by sniper fire.

Frank at Norval's grave in Normandy on June 6, 1993 before his friendship with Captain Carter's son had begun.

Walter Carter placing flowers at the spot where his
father was killed, Bois de Bretel, September 1997.

Walter Carter and his family - Bonnie, Catherine,
and Norman - at Norval's grave, Colleville-sur-Mer,
September 1997.

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